This is my music page. Scroll to bottom for actual music.

My new Yamaha DTXPRESS Drums - Bang the crap out of them and the neighbors don't hear a thing!!! I ordered this through American Musical Supply  and it came in 2 days. Awesome set for the money. This set has ample sounds and inputs - up to 16 - and can emulate most acoustic and processed recording kits quite well. The rack is a little awkward when it comes to position the hi hat and snare but with some creativity you can work around it.

I bought a bass for Christmas - Epiphone Les Paul style from a local used guitar shop - Rule No. 1 - never buy a new guitar - the used ones have done all the settling they're gonna do and it cost a lot less. I got it from Guitar Den in Orlando. - Great guy to do business with. This bass has a lot of punch and good intonation considering it comes from a Korean factory. Note: I've tried this same model at other music stores and most of them have issues - this was one of the good ones.

This is my piece parts music computer: AMD K6-2 400 96 megs ram. dual 4 gig ultra ata hard drives. Cost about $400 with a monitor I found. Sound card is Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI - the only under $100 sound card that records and plays worth a bean. Near my right hand is my Behringer Eurorack 2004A 20 channel mixer. Most bang for the buck - a little under $500. The Mackie's in this price range didn't have as many features. I would definitely buy a new mixer as the pots and caps tend to go bad with age. Behind my head is Moe Howard, one of the last great thespians of the 20th century. The software I use is NTRACK Studio and POWER TRACKS

This is my old standard Strat copy - tweaked and adjusted over many years. It's getting so worn there are groves in the neck on the F, F#, and G areas. That's character :) . I use a Korg A4 processor with it.

Some Stuff To Listen To:

Rocket Man - Elton John

Allstar - Smashmouth ( 4 megs )

Little Wing  Jimi Hendrix - Instrumental Jam - short version ( 1.5 meg ).

If you need an mp3 player, get Winamp. It really whips the llama's ass.

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