me: ken anthony

I like loud but sensible music. I'm 39+ seeking similar for weekend/weekday non paying project in Orlando, FL. near seaworld. have place to play. if you want a career go elsewhere. if you want to play contact me. Sure, we can play out if you want - heck we live in Orlando near I-DRIVE with a ton of places to play. I've played professional for many years but have found it more profitable not to :)

email me:

I like happy upbeat stuff ( weazer , elvis costello, 70's R&B, sweet charlotte, steely dan, etc. )

My current goal for a weekend project is to do an elvis costello cover thing. 20-40 songs from 'my aim is true' to 'brutal youth'. I'm looking for all acoustic drums, cheazy keyboards, punchy walking bass, and/or elvis style guitar. I can sing it and play guitar and would prefer someone who likes the attraction's style of bass to play bass. Definitely need to do 'accidents will happen' and 'watching the detectives' so bass is important.

Some Stuff To Listen To ( all parts are me )

Rocket Man - Elton John

Allstar - Smashmouth ( 4 megs )

Little Wing  Jimi Hendrix - Instrumental Jam - short version ( 1.5 meg ).