Bally Bally Hoo Pinball


Feb. 12, 2007

Here's a decent specimen of an older Bally pin - Ballyhoo - 1969. The machine has an odd yellow/green color scheme. The yellow plastic over the score cards tops it off. Bally offered some unique features in the game such as the left lane ball return and center up post ball saver ( same as in Jive Time ).

Bally BallyHoo Pinball

The backglass was in horrible shape and I did the Triple Thick to save it. You can see the extensive damage throughout. The lower edges were coming off while trying to remove the glass from the machine. I had to get this done as soon as possible.

Ballyhoo Backglass

Backglass lower flaking.

Ballyhoo Blackglass lower flaking

Some tiny air bubble got caught in the cling wrap in areas that needed to sit flush. A razor blad released the air and then it all sat flat.

Air bubbles in backglass restore

When I did the preliminary look around I saw someone had placed a jumper from the score reel to the credit unit. I also noticed they over-tightened the credit spring. D'ya think perhaps they were having credit reel issues?

Mystery Blue Wire

Feb. 14, 2007

I inspected the lower control board and found the previous owner had been replacing fuses by the box load. Hmmm. Perhaps something is causing these to blow..

Ballyhoo Control Board

I cleaned and checked all the points on the control board. 2 contact adjustments. I noticed some screws on the motor switches had been lost and replaced with incorrect screws which stripped the threads for the correct screw while the incorrect screw powered it's way into place. Not having a replacement I left this as it was. I also noticed the Anti Cheat relay mounting screws had been removed. Hmmm.

Anti Cheat Coil

Also, several of the game adjustment connectors had broken off. I'll have to replace these in the future.

Broken Connectors

Ok - all looks good on the control panel now. The back-box looks clean and the steppers move reasonably. I decided to put it together and see what's what.. A turned the machine on - everything worked - the scores reset - the ball kicked out.. What's going on here. I started touching the playfield switches and everything was ok - UNTIL - I hit an 'add bonus' switch. The 'anti cheat' relay dis-engaged... I tried to start the game again. The 'anti cheat' kept resetting. I held it in and POOF the main fuse blew... Ok - this is what's wrong with the game - the box 'o fuses and the anti cheat being removed.. Let's look a little closer. After inspecting the playfield ( which I should've done first ) I saw the big, black pieces of coil on the bonus stepper. I removed and re-wrapped it. Ok - now let's see - Ok - the game now works just fine. Usually a coil blow when a switch or relay get stuck for what ever reason and the coil remains on too long and just melts. I tested all the playfield switches and didn't see any sticking. I'll listen as I proceed.

Burned Coil

It's often hard to say what the original cause of the problem is without having been with the machine. Could've been as simple as someone holding their finger on the 'add bonus' switch although unlikely..

Here's a new one - it looks like a door stop on the shooter rod. The rod itself was mushroomed so I ground it. The length is good.

Funky Shooter Tip

The playfield is in good shape. The pop bumper mylar had been cut back and there is a lot of wear around the bumpers. That's ok, though - it's an old machine. The playfield itself will just require a light cleaning and good waxing.

Bally Ballyhoo Playfield before cleaning

Nice and clean! And Smooooooth...

Ballyhoo Playfield Cleaned and Waxed

I like to save the old bulbs - no reason to through a bulb out just because it's been used.

Save The Bulbs!

This I'm not sure about. There's a philips screw jammed under each slam tilt. I'm not certain this is correct or not as is doesn't prevent the tilt from working but does keep the weight from bouncing and mis-firing. Because the wood is split I'd think is was done in the field without drilling or could just be a factory after thought.

Screw Under Slam Switch

Feb. 19, 2007

Here's the machine to date. I've just got to do more cleaning to the rails, coin door, and replace the plastics and rubbers. It's been a little cold a past few days so I'll get back to it when it's a little warmer - I'm in Orlando and these 45 degree nights are chilly.

Bally Hoo Machine To Date

Feb. 23, 2007

Ok - let's hyper-jump to completed. The plastics went on nice and didn't need cleaning for flattening. The backglass slipped in easily. About 15 bulb sockets needed soldering. I like this game becuase my wife likes it and anything that's makes her happy works for me. This is a nice looking machine and very simple to play. I had to clean out the player stepper which I gave it's own page. For onces I didn't have to clean out the score reels - amazing! It's always nice to finish one just before the pinball auction comes to town - it gives me roome for MORE!!!.

Bally Hoo Completed

ADDED: Oct 25, 2007