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Sept. 20, 2006 - To Be Continued ...

Bally Nip It

Sept. 25-28 2006

This machine was a pleasure to work on. It was full of odd parts and pieces - some not even part of the game. Otherwise, after removing all the chaff from inside, the game was in very good condition. A basic once over, contact clean and adjust, some gunked-up stepper assemblies, and a good clean and wax brought this game back to life.

Some persuasion was required to remove the shooter. It had rusted pretty bad and would budge. A session with the wire brush, some new springs, and good as new.

Rusty Pinball Shooter

The coin door had been bent pretty bad but fell back in shape quite nicely after a little persuasion, some de-rusting, and some elbow grease.

Bent Pinball Coin Door Before and After

The player up stepper wasn't advancing or enabling the correct player or lights. A good contact cleaning solved much of it. The stepper arm was gunked. Also, the player 3 rivet was not making contact with the circuit board. A little sand paper and solder solved that.

Player Up Stepper Control Board

Cleaning the playfield: Wax On - Wax Off .

Waxing the pinball playfield

And here's the finished Nip-It Pinball.

Bally Nip-It Pinball

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