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Ya know - some things you should know better than. I bid on this machine at auction. I was unnable to open the head ( lock problems ) prior to bidding but the playfield condition and back glass made me bid. In any case after the auction I managed to open the head and , yup, it was missing cpu,driver,sound, and power, sound , well, basically everthing! And to boot the display board was toasted. All coils, targets, and playfield elements appear intact and in good condition. Many look new. Displays do not appear burned ( 2 were ). Getting this up was a case of begging and buying. A friend from the auction loaned me a cpu and sound board, the rest I bought on ebay. The machine didn't need any mechanical work beside new rubbers and a tune up. After it was said and done the overall cost wasn't too bad.

Completed Machine:

Complete Trizone Pinball