May 2010

Silverball Pinball Museum

I went home to visit the family, bet on some ponies at Monmouth Park, and certainly made time to stop by the Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Of course I was impressed but the girls wanted little to do with it. The museum charge $10 per hour - all games free - but wouldn't let the girls come in to see so they all went to do a little time with Madame Marie down the boards a bit.

BUT... First things first...

Pizza.. something about the pizza in Jersey. I don't care who your are or where you're from. You ain't had pizza 'til you had Jersey pizza. Growing up in Long Branch  I ate a lot of Tony's Tomato Pies ( yes, they used to be called tomato pies before being called pizza) in Long Branch. I could not find a website but you can Google them - Tony's Tomato Pies. Here's what I got - I was in pizza Heaven.

Florida sucks for pizza. Lot's of excuses.. but sucky pie.

We also stopped in at Jenkinson's Pavillion for a slice. As always it was up to snuff.

We took a little walk on the nearly empty boardwalk and won some Swedish Fish from a wheel of fortune.

I played some cranes, had a beer, and drove back to Long Branch for the rest of the weekend. I'm telling you I miss the shore... just a little.

On To The Pinball Museum!!!

You can't really talk about pinball. You have to play pinball. At least I can show you some photos of my visit. I could've stayed for another 10 hours. I played nearly every machine - only one ball! I didn't have time to play a full game of anything but it didn't matter - I saw most of the games from my younger days - and, of all things, in Asbury Park. I saw the Fifth Avenue Funland ticket poster - my dad worked there for Nick years ago fixing these things.

In any case the machines were wonderfully restored - not repainted or new anything.. just the old game as it was put back to working and cleaned up - the way it should be. I have a thing about people who repaint the old playfield and cabinets just to make the look 'new'.. why don't you just build a new one instead of destroying an antique? That's another rant for another day.

I only wish I had more time and more pictures!